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You might be already using external libraries like jQuery,AntiXSS etc in your project.I would like to introduce NuGet a Visual Studio extension that makes it easy to install and update your project references with these open source libraries automatically.

Visit their site for more details

I just came across this & thought it may help you sometime.I haven’t installed this yet,hence not able to comment on how good it is.Still,if I get some time will do it for sure & let you know how it is.If you find some time to spend with this,do let me know your feedback :).


If you are building some library for thrid party,it’s essential to include documentation comments for the properties,methods etc so that users can understand the usage easily.But writing all these manually is quite time consuming.Here comes a VS extension “GhostDoc” that can automatically generate these xml comments for you.It’s free & can be great help to you!

Visit here to download GhostDoc :

Hope you find this useful 🙂