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Once I was supposed to take a presentation & end of that I decided to share a tip about wrapping.Most difficult part I had is,to remember the exact location where in Options I have to go to pick that.I literally wrote down on a piece of sheet like Tools->Options->TextEditor->C#->Formatting->Wrapping so that I dont forget the path.Now,let me make it simple for you.You dont have to memorize so much now as Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview comes with a Quick Launch 🙂 You can find Quick Launch in the upper right corner of the IDE.

Just press CTRL + ` [back quote] and enter the word eg: C#.It shows search results as below.From here,you can pick the option that suits your need.


Have you had a situation where you knew there is a control that may suit your requirement,but you forgot under which category it belongs to?Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview ToolBox comes with a search box in which you just need to start typing the word,it will automatically filter the controls that matches with  the text that you typed.

Cool right 🙂