About Blog

Welcome to my blog!I am Anupama,from God’s own country Kerala(South India).I live with my family in bangalore & work in .net platform for an MNC.I discovered my passion for programming after getting my first job.Till then programming used to be the toughest thing I ever faced in my life :-)Thanks to the power of google which has helped me so far in my career.

This is not the first time I am talking something about .net.But so far it happened to be some replies in forums or some groups in networking sites & this is my very first experience as a blogger.I would like to utilize this space to share whatever I have come across so far working in .Net so that you can also learn & explore.Apart from this,I enjoy cooking & love to collect different receipies & try out when I find some time.

I hope you find these posts useful.I’d love to hear from you,so please post in your comments/feedback.


  1. Sumit Thomas says:

    All the best Anupama….looking forward to see some great posts from you 🙂

  2. Brij says:

    Good Posts.
    Keep it up

  3. Nathan says:

    Interesting posts. You’ve helped me with a couple of things, and your style is easy to follow and read.

  4. mvijayreddy says:

    Thanks so much for this blog

  5. neop26 says:

    Hello hello … will pass ur blog details to the team 🙂 Awesome work Anu Kutti.


  6. Rajesh says:

    Thank you much i have find some solution from your blog……..plz keep on

  7. Anupama says:

    Thanks!Glad to hear that my blog has helped you.

  8. Selvakumar Eakambaram says:

    Anupama.. Good job… Keept it up (I saw this blog while searching for something !)

    — Selva

  9. Anupama says:

    Thanks Selva!Glad to hear.

  10. mnhuda says:

    Its first time in your blog. I am very new in asp.net from Bangladesh. I will follow you and disturb u again n again by my query.

  11. Veeran says:

    Great work…Your Tips helped me a lot and reduced my development time…

  12. Nilanjan Roy says:

    heya! nice blog, good try!
    well coming to the point. i am developing an application and i want a little help if u can help a bit. please leave a reply if u can

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