Appfabric monitoring stopped working/The service did not start due to a logon failure

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Appfabric
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 Today morning when I wanted to run my wcf service to see the appfabric monitoring,I was shocked to know that my monitoring database is empty & it shows only events logged a month back.Strange! As I am also pretty new to this,was not sure how to start with.Hours later I understood that there is a service running in your system which looks into the web.config of wcf service and stores the events in the monitoring db.It is nothing but,the Appfabric Event Collection Service.Mostly when monitoring events are not storing in database,it could be due to the reason that this service is stopped.I typed Services.msc in the Run Command to take a look.I tried starting manually which did not work and decided to dig into all the properties attached to that & to my suprise when I changed the account password,it started working.

So the conclusion comes this way. Some days ago when I configured the monitoring,my system had a different password & today when it is changed,it’s not able to match that credentials 🙂 If you configure it once & change your account’s password,make sure that you manually go and change this way.

  1. Frank Szendzielarz says:

    For others who searched and got this page, but found that the monitoring service is running fine, try closing the IIS Manager and reopening it. Worked for me.

  2. Anupama says:

    Thank you Frank for sharing this tip!

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