Error Handling in WCF with WebFaultException(.Net 4.0)

Posted: March 10, 2011 in WCF
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A sad afternoon & was feeling quite helpless few hours back.Suddenly like a piece of choclate the word WebFaultException came in &  I decided to forget everything & write about this 🙂 Well stories apart,lets get into the point. Consider having a situation,where you search for a particular user by hitting a wcf service.If the user is not found(say your database server is down),it will straight away throw an exception to client saying HTTP Error 404 Not found.I swear, the end user will not understand the actual meaning behind this.
Such cases,use the WebFaultException class to set the HTTP status code to 404 (Not Found) and give indication of the error description in the message body. 

throw new WebFaultException<string>(
            string.Format("There is no user available with the provided userName '{0}'.", userName),

Hope this helps you 🙂 This is my basic understanding about WebFaultException & I would appreciate if any of you can share some more information you have about this.

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