Introduction to Windows Server AppFabric

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Appfabric

As I was writing a few articles about Appfabric ,someone who was totally new to this asked me  to give an introduction .I am not an expert in this to share every information on what Windows Server Appfabric is.Still,I am trying my best to post more info on these 🙂

Windows Server AppFabric has two parts

  • AppFabric Caching Services, which can speed up access to frequently accessed information such as session data used by an ASP.NET application.
  • AppFabric Hosting Services, making it easier to run and manage services created with Windows Communication Foundation, especially those built using Windows Workflow Foundation.

To know more,you can download a detailed document on this from here
For me it seemed simple at first,but was more complex when I build a caching sample & monitoring sample as it ran into several exceptions & had to solve it to proceed.Infact so many hours  of hardwork to understand properly(May be I am little slow 🙂 lol) .Out of that,I have shared some of my knowledge & you can take a look at the articles under Category “Appfabric” .For Monitoring,I have not shared anything so far.You need to have lil  patience & keep watching this space for my updates 🙂

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