LINQ to query DataTable

Posted: January 13, 2011 in LINQ

I am pretty new to LINQ & today my team mate was suggesting me to learn LINQ & write about it.Just starting with a small homework,how to query datatable using LINQ 🙂

What this snippet does is,there is a DataTable having columns Name,Age,Address etc,LINQ queries the table with name as input & returns Age & Address

string searchname="Anupama";
DataTable dtContacts = new DataTable();
dtContacts = this.GetContactDetails;

var query = from r in this.dtContacts.AsEnumerable()
where r.Field("Name") == searchname
select new{ Age=r["Age"],Address=r["Address"]};

Simple right?Keep Watching this space,I will get back with complicated one’s 🙂

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